Friday, February 26, 2010

can you see me?

The kids are going to a masquerade party tonight, so of course we waited until the last minute to make our masks for it, but we got them done and they all look really cool.
We ran to Hobby Lobby after I picked them up from Masters and got everything we needed. I have been wanting to make masks with the kids and this was a good stepping stone towards future masks. I am hoping to have us wearing masks as we dance around the maypole this year, so getting some practice and ideas as to how to go about them quickly is good. We made ours in less that 2 hours, but we had the store bought plastic ones and I think when we make them again, we will cut them out of foam or figure something else out. We all had issues with the shapes and getting our feathers or sequins to stick. If we had have started earlier, we might make a second round out of foam, but alas, there is no more time and they are all drying hoping to be able to wear them this afternoon.

So, here are our creations:

This one is Jason's. He's going to have to trim the feathers up once it dries because they cover one of the eyes and they reach down right into his mouth, but naturally, his came out very cool!
This is India's mask. I LOVE it! I like the glitter glue dots at the bottom!
This is mine. I won't be wearing mine today because I have to work during a big portion of the time the party will be going on (last working day of Feb), but I made one anyways. I won't be held back from creating something cool because I have to work! It really sparkles. I had such a hard time with the nose area, so I decided to just use the glitter glue and it turned out pretty cool. I WILL be making one that works better. You never know when you are going to need a good mask!
And lastly, Kalib's mask. He insisted on having a full face mask, which I think are kind of creepy and he decided to keep his simple, which is also really cool. Maybe it is that his mask reminds me of the mask in Friday the 13th movies. Or maybe if the lips smiled rather than looking so serious.

None the less, it was great fun sitting around the table together creating these! I can't wait to hear about them wearing them!
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