Wednesday, February 24, 2010

planting potatoes

It's absolutely crazy to me that only 9 days ago we were out playing in snow and everything was completely covered in snow. A week and 2 days later, we are soaking up sunshine on a Sunday watching Jason till the garden shirtless. I am always so amazed at the weather in GA. It is no wonder we have cold season the whole winter season. The weather just never really stays solidly cold - especially this time of year.

So, Jason is all ready for the garden - well, he's getting ready I should really say. He's got seeds started in a small greenhouse/cold frame in the back yard (pictures of that soon). He's got the spinach planted, the carrots, collards, and now potatoes - hopefully, this year since we have had 2 snows already this year, the potatoes won't rot in the ground from too much water. I can't wait! He planted Russet's and Yukon Golds. He's got at least 6 rows and still has another 7 lbs of potatoes to put in the ground.

I sort of feel bad when Jason is working so hard in the garden and I'm just sitting back taking pictures, but I'll get in plenty of help when picking season comes and there will still be plenty of work once all the tilling is done! We are seriously hoping this year to have a lot of extra to sell and share!

He's also decided after all the work of making those wonderful raised beds to have the area plowed again and knock them down back into rows. I hate to see the raised beds go, but they are inefficient as they are (too wide) and hard to maintain, and by making them narrower rows (no more raised beds in the Hubbard Garden) he will hopefully be able to at least double what he grew last year! Keep your fingers crossed! We are almost out of pesto and green beans and canned tomatoes, so I'm ready to get in the kitchen and get to canning and freezing and cooking! Come on SPRING!
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