Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's in the EYE

So, I finally finished the quilt I teased everyone with months ago. I gave this piece to Chad, our photographer extraordinaire. He does such a great job photographing our artwork for a nominal price. He makes discs for me all the time because I can't seem to keep up with them and he always does it with the most thoughtful smile, like he really doesn't mind.

This quilt is a collaboration of mine and Jason's ideas coming together. Usually Jason helps me draw out my ideas and then I run with them, but sometime last year I got the idea into my head that I wanted to start taking some of Jason's pen and ink drawings and turn them into quilts and explore a different side of myself. I've really enjoyed it. I'm now working on a new one. Jason is so sweet to just let me have these and do what I want with them, but it is really fun for me. This piece in particular was awesome for me because I learned a lot about HOW I want to put quilts together. I think I have already talked about this, but I learned for myself that most of the stitching can come as the piece comes together rather than trying to do it AFTER it is layered and then I don't have to worry quite so much about what the back of the piece looks like and not to mention I can get WAY more detailed with the threads when I'm not sewing through batting and backing. I am very pleased with the quilting/ thread painting on this quilt. Not waiting until the very end really allowed me more freedom with metallic threads which I have used in the past, but I have cursed a whole lot while using them and on this one, it just came together so perfectly. Another fine detail that I really like on this quilt was the extra time I took to use green thread where the background is yellow and yellow thread where the background is green. (This is a detail most folks will never notice, but it is another instance where I go crazy with the details) I got really straight lines for the stitching by using freezer paper ironed down and sewing right next to it. Something else I learned while making this quilt. I also learned I can get almost perfect circles this way also.

Anyhow, here are the pictures!

It's In The EYE

This is my favorite shot of this quilt. You can really see the detail of the eye and the petals AND the stitching.

(Jason doesn't like the beads I used for the suckers, he thinks they stand out too much, but I like them! I think they add yet another dimension to the overall piece.)




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