Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a new look

And a new name...

If you haven't already, or you follow my blog with google reader or Bloglines or something similar, come on over and take a look.  The blog has a new name AND a new look.

I have decided after 3 years of blogging, the time has come to put my process really out there for you all to see and witness.  My intention is to REALLY talk about my quilting.  What I'm doing. How I'm doing it. Why I am doing it.  What's going right with each project and even what's going wrong because like everyone this happens to me too.  I'm going to talk less about my kids and family and more about what's going through my head while I try to make sense of my world and how to move through it with grace when possible.

I'm going to share with you books I choose to read and the why's and how they help me in my life and in my creative process in hopes of it inspiring you and helping you maybe see things from a different perspective. (Not that I think my perspective is always right because it certainly isn't and I love watching it change and flow.)

It's a big and scary decision for me, but I feel like the time has come.

I LOVE quilting and I LOVE talking about it.  Well, I LOVE where my mind goes when I'm working on something and that is what I REALLY love talking about.  THIS is my goal for the future of this blog.

My hope is I will work harder and explore my process even more and maybe, just maybe what I'm learning about myself and why I do what I do will help you all learn something about yourselves. Maybe it will wake something up in you, and who knows, maybe a technique or two you haven't thought of using will show up from time to time.

Changes are going to keep coming with a new website in the works, and a few other ideas I have floating around in my mind.

I had thought 2011 was going to be the just sitting with it year and being where I am.  I have completely surrendered to that in the last few months and all of a sudden I have a big burst of clarity of my next step in life, so...

HERE it is!

A new me, a new story, a new look, and a new name!

If you want to keep in touch with me in a way other than through the comments there is a link on the right which will carry you to my FaceBook Fan Page and I LOVE to hear from folks.

For the family whom we love so much that keeps up with us here, don't feel left out. I promise to continue to put up pictures of the kids from time to time and keep you abreast of what's happening over here since they are a BIG part of my artistic process.  THEY are my greatest inspiration for even wanting a creative process.  It may just be a little less often than it has been in the past.

Let me know what you think!  I'm excited!  We are all excited over here and we will always be Nothing Short of Thankful!

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  1. I love the new look Sarah!! I love all of your photos, and most of all I love you sharing your life with us!!!! Thank you!