Friday, July 8, 2011

Observation Medication 7/8/11

This week my observations have turned to water.  

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In Georgia, during the summer, rain gives us a break from the heat and humidity.

The humid air draws the sweat from our bodies.  Which then causes the dust to stick to our skin. 

The air feels thick because it is.

We hear thunder in the distance and we begin to crave the rain.

It stays on our minds.

We long for it.

We pray for it.

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I was laying in bed last night listening to the thunder off in the distance.

It brought my thoughts to the rain and the effect it has on me.

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In the winter, the rain drains me.  I want it to go away.

Downpour after downpour keeps us even more inward because it cold and wet and who wants to get out in that?

In the summer, I love the rain.

I beg the skies to let it fall to us (without the violent thunderstorms)

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I love the smell of the damp.

Since I was a little girl I have loved mud puddles and playing in the rain.

You will seldom see me with an umbrella as I almost always prefer to walk in the rain.

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A good summer rain brings chills to the skin.

Every time a rain drop hits my skin it surprises me.

It's like I never expected it even though I know it is raining.

It still sends a shock wave through my body stimulating my senses until the next one hits.

I love the sound of the rain dripping off the leaves of trees as they drop down leaf by leaf the the ground.

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Walking in the woods right after a big heavy rain is my favorite time to be in the woods.  It is a different backdrop to the bird song and the birds have to sing louder to be heard over the drops.  Yet, somehow it is still so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

After a good rain, I love how fresh everything smells and looks.

The plants stand tall and proud when the sun comes back out - replenished. 

The fruit in the garden ripen before your eyes.

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Remember after a good summer shower to look up.  The possibility of a rainbow is much higher in the summer since the sun never truly hides behind the clouds for long and who doesn't feel full of joy seeing a rainbow?

Have a good weekend!  

I will see you on Monday!

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