Thursday, July 7, 2011

Notes on finishing the background (With a minor soapbox)

After getting the leaves sewn down, the last step on the background was finishing the poppies.

I needed to sew in the petal veins (I did the leaves as they were sewn down.).

And, I needed to make and sew the poppy seed heads and flower buds.

I decided to use the variegated Red King Tut thread I have and got busy.  

I used red Isacord thread in my bobbin.

This piece isn't layered yet so it doesn't matter yet what the back looks like.

(Quilt judges... close your ears.)  I am not of the quilting mentality that the bobbin thread has to match the back of the quilt - especially if it is going to take away from the top of the quilt in ANY WAY - as in if you can't get your tension exactly right. Even if you  do then there are still going to be times it pops to the surface.  I just don't think it is possible to be that consistent on your machine that the top thread never shows on the bottom or that the bobbin doesn't come to the top, so why give yourself an extra hard time? Use thread that matches.

Most people that even bother to look at the back of a piece want to see what the stitching looks like on the back to get a real idea of how much there is.  My experience is that people are usually excited to be able to see it well.  Most people can't imagine the amount of work that goes into a quilt and it helps them connect with it and the process.

 Now, I will step down off my soap box and continue with this post.

Because I left this step out BEFORE sewing down the leaves and stems I was able to hide the stems under the flowers.

Jason and I drew some poppy buds - different sizes and I put those on.

Lastly, I made the seed heads.

I had to decide whether to show the very tops of the seed heads with fabric or with beads.

I decided to hold off and use beads at the very end.


Now, that the "background" is all finished until it is time to sew down beads and roving (which I have ordered and hasn't arrived yet) I'm onto the foreground!

I'm starting to think I may actually get this quilt done before my show with India in August.

I'm off to quilt!

See you tomorrow!

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