Monday, August 15, 2011

Where I am...

Well, I am sure many of you have realized I missed my Friday post.  I have sat down over and over and over again to start working on it, but right now, I have no spare time for blogging, so I am going to give myself permission to do it when I can and let it work it's way back into a regular thing.  

We have started our homeschooling year and India took the leap to Master's Academic Partners and though everyone told us it would be a lot of work, I didn't realize how MUCH work.  It's an insane workload (far too much work I think) and until she grows accustomed to it I have to give her a lot of attention to help her move through the tremendous amount of work she now has.  At least until we fall into a rhythm with it, other things have to take a back seat unfortunately for now.

Also, my grandmother is having a lot of health problems and is requiring a great deal of my energy so if putting more energy into India's schooling wasn't enough of a temporary distraction, I now am helping to take care of my grandmother and her ailing body. There is only my mother and I to do this and as her body functions and abilities fade she needs to know we love her and support her during this time in her life.

All this to say, life is busy and I'm still paying attention, but I have to find windows to write about it and they are few and far between, so until things slow down, I may not be here 5 days a week for a little while.  

I miss writing and the sharing of my path so I know I will become regular again, but somehow telling you all gives me the true freedom to be easy with myself during this time of transition and I know I enjoy it so much it will work its way back into my flow...

I will, however, continue to post India's pictures, so you can still expect our Tuesday posts to continue unless she runs out of them because she has no time to take them.  Hopefully, she will find a rhythm and the work will flow more a little less effortlessly.

And I will still be here when time allows.

Until next time... send me love and see me moving at a moons pace... slow and steady...

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  1. It's the beauty of the nature. So refreshing in my mind.