Monday, June 2, 2008

A night out...

So, Sarah Cook and I conspired to go hear our dearest Megan sing for the celebration of the New Mothers Center and to contribute money to it. Megan's voice is like honey to my soul - not only because I love this woman so much, but also because her voice is just incredible. When she has her eyes closed and she is giving it all she has you know it's coming from some source deep inside her and I always get chill bumps. She has a couple of songs on myspace if you have never heard her, you should. She also has a cd available at wuxtry and school kids records downtown as well as Daily Grocery or you can order it from CD Baby

So, the night was not only filled with incredible music for the soul, but also wonderful friends and conversations over delicious wine (thanks Sarah C for having the taste you were having). Madrona's talking about getting a cow and I don't think it was the wine talking. Rachel and I shared some not so proud moments as mama's. We all talked about kid dynamics and watching our girls blossom into women and our desire for them to know and be filled with the gifts we have gained over the years and wanting to leave footprints and plant seeds in them that will help carry them and help mold them into strong proud women. The most beautiful thing that came out of the evening for me is something Madrona and I have talked about in the past, but the timing hasn't seemed right and the energy was not there, but now it is looking like the road that brought us all together to begin with is coming full circle with the possibility of us trying again to have a practice of deepening our clan roots together with the book the 13 clan mothers by Jamie Sams. Years ago when I was a new mother just setting out on this journey we began meeting as a group called the New Moon Earth Sisters because we met on the new moon to circle and celebrate and honor what is and as with most groups, it changed and morphed into different things and we spread our wings and took what we gained into our greater community and fortunately, we have picked up a few more amazing women along the way. The first time I ever met Madrona was under the new moon around a fire. She had simply the sweetest voice and I knew then in the dark that night that I would love her. Sarah C, Holly (not in the picture), Jenny and Catherine (who was there, but I don't know why she isn't in the picture) were also a part of that original circle and our friendships have grown over the years and I am excited about this possible new journey into more self discovery. Time with mothers honoring the gift of life we all share is an important part of growing in our motherhood and as women. We are forced to examine ourselves and look deeply to be strong women and hold our passions for life up. It is important that we come together to celebrate being women and mothers and all that we are and to know we have the support of a strong community (or clan). I am, as always filled with thanks for the amazing women in my life... now we will have to see if Madrona really gets a cow!
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