Sunday, June 1, 2008

Trail Keepers

Well, another month in... Just barely. It is amazingly difficult to organize so many people to all show up and this month, we just couldn't make it all happen. I didn't get to go, I had work I HAD to do :( but thankfully, Rachel was willing to pick the kids up and they got to go. I sent the camera along so India could take pictures and I could at least see how the trip was. They had a good time as always feeling like they are contributing to keeping Athens clean, and they found some interesting items as always. They found a pair of pants and a car mat now how do you think that got down there? The pants, I can see a homeless person accidentally leaving those behind, but the car mat? Anyhow, I'm already looking forward to next month and I'm going to make sure I get to go! Thanks Rachel and Jennifer for the hard work of watching the kids and including them since I couldn't make it and thanks kids for doing a great job of keeping our trails clean! I'm proud of you all... You really are a special group of kids and folks.
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