Monday, September 22, 2008

folk festival

Saturday was the folk festival at Sandy Creek. Our day started out with the setting up of quilt frames for the cotton patch quilters guild display. There is just something about watching the quilts sway in the wind.

Here's our little man blowing up a balloon. In the kids corner Pam Blanchard had drums to make by stretching a balloon over a cup filled with glitter and other things, Kalib opted to not make a drum but took a balloon to make screeching noises with...

Here's India doing some sort of scheming with some friends she reconnected with during the festival. The funnest thing about the festival is the space is small enough that the kids can just run around and play with other kids the whole time. We almost don't see our kids while we are there because they are so busy playing and having fun, but because the area isn't huge it isn't hard to find them. They also check in with us every now and then to let us know they are having fun or to get money from us for drinks and snacks or to bring us something they made. There are all kinds of folky demonstrations going on. There was basket weaving, quilting, a black smith, someone making walking sticks and many others. I didn't manage to see everything because I was busy watching all the great music and hanging out with my own friends.

Here's the girly checking in with me...

My friends also got into the festival and a few of us ended up with Hair wraps.

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  1. What do you mean "ended up with hair wraps"? Don't you want to say, "got awesome wraps from Rachel and Jennifer the most skilled and creative hair wrappers in all of Georgia"?

  2. Yes. That is exactly what I meant!

  3. Yes. That is exactly what I meant!