Friday, September 19, 2008

it's not just for

The ramp isn't just good for skate boarding. It turns out, it is also good for jumping rope. Since we don't have a paved driveway and most of our yard is wooded, it turns out the ramp is good for practicing jumping rope. India has fully discovered the joys of jumping rope at ACE. We have tried before here, but having a smooth surface starting out makes it much easier (a lot like riding a bicycle - they had to learn to do that on gravel - no easy task.) India gravitates towards most physical activities and she gets the most beautiful smile on her face when she jumps. Jason and I turn the rope for her and I just love how she laughs belly laughs at how exciting it is for her. I remember jumping rope in school - it was always so much fun with all the rhymes and the different games and double dutch. I tried to run in with India and Kalib turning the rope, but the rope is too short for me (believe it or not) and India and Kalib had a hard time keeping it steady, so we are going to invest in a longer rope somewhere along the way to see if I really remember how to jump in. The kids have been practicing running in and they are beginning to get it. I didn't manage to get a picture of Kalib before it got too dark, but here is India getting her hair out of her face before jumping on her own.

I know I'm her mom and I'm biased, but she is just so beautiful... Her smile lights up her whole face and body.

Here she is going to town.
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