Thursday, September 18, 2008

we're adding on

After a little consideration of where both kids are in their skating and the enjoyment they have gotten out of the launch ramp we decided to add on two smaller ramps on the flat bottom. We already had all the wood with the exception of a few 2x4's. Both of the kids are loving skating and it definately brings the family out of the house and together, so the ramp just continues to be an investment that keeps on giving back. On Saturday of last week, Kalib and Jason went to our friends Wesley's home to skate on his half pipe. Turns out Kalib learned some new tricks and was back to dropping in like crazy. Big news! He's going to be tearing it up before too much longer and showing his dad up. His dedication to skating is impressive to say the least. He falls down and then he gets right back up to try and try again. So, this new addition to our ramp will hopefully help him practice his tricks and get the hang of them before he takes them up to the bigger ramp. Same with India. She's been practicing a few tricks on the launch ramp, but now when they roll down off of it, they will have somewhere to go. Jason is also going to make the launch ramp wider, but everything in time. He has the wood for it, now he just has to be able to make the time. He's been so busy building he hasn't had much time to skate.

Putting in the last of the screws...
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