Tuesday, October 28, 2008

october trail keepers

Another month has already flown by and we hit the trail on Sunday to do our monthly pick up. As always, the trail was pretty clean with very little trash and with so many of us looking and picking up it always seems like we do so little. The kids really look forward to this treat each month. They run way ahead of all the adults and do more than their share and get to shed a lot of energy. Here we are organizing and getting ready to head on down to do the work...

The thing I noticed the most about the trail this month was the leaves. They are falling everywhere and there are just piles of them all over the place. I love it! There is so much color, but color that is different than in spring. Fall is exciting like Spring in that it is the precursor to something new. You know things are changing. The days are getting shorter, the light looks different and the colors of everything living are getting darker and we are reminded that we are moving inward to tending to our families and keeping warm and taking care of ourselves. Fall always excites me because it is a time of getting ready for work on myself. Life slows down and we aren't so busy, so the things I need to work on about myself and the changes I want to make in my life I can get ready for in fall and settle into them in the winter months.

After the trail, we all headed over here to have some pizza. The kids spent quite a bit of time running around on the ramp (most of them are not into trying out the skateboards - even though their folks were here - it's a little more intimidating when it is dark outside.) They also had a dance party. India got some great footage of it on the video camera. They covered themselves in sheets and were shaking it up to the Beatles.
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