Saturday, November 8, 2008

something new

I bought the family a new video camera. I have been holding out for well over a year now for a digital camcorder with a hard drive. So, yesterday, I finally took the plunge and bought one. It's not super fancy with all kinds of neat tricks, but it will work for us and with all the cool editing software out there, we will be able to do pretty much anything we want with the movies we make. (Any software suggestions for those of us who are not mac users yet would be appreciated.) I went ahead a got it because my dance troupe is performing at Little Kings on the 14th of November and the kids won't be able to come. We are doing an Afro Haitian dance this time (something I have never done) and I wanted them to be able to see it. They also have TKD testing today and though my still camera does a fair job, I can do even better with a video camera. India loves to take videos of Jason and his friends skating and now we can easily delete the ones she doesn't want anymore, not to mention she is already writing plays that she and Kalib can do together (can anyone say great homeschooling project?).

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