Friday, November 28, 2008


Yesterday was a wonderfully mellow day in our home. We all slept late and ate a leisurely breakfast. Jason made breakfast burritos and coffee for he and I and Chai tea for the kids. While he made breakfast, India and I cleaned her room up and put her stuff on the new shelf we bought for her room. (Her old one collapsed on Sunday - you can read her blog to find out about that if you don't already know). So, we got her room wonderfully clean and picked up her closet, ate breakfast, and then everyone went outside since the weather was so lovely. Well, everyone but me. I worked on my quilt for a little while. India came in and we started working on some of the things we are going to sell at the craft market we are doing to raise money for the heifer foundation. Around 2, I decided I better get started on our food. I made some delicious oatmeal cookies first because I knew I wouldn't be inside to take them off the cookie sheets once I started cooking on the grill. While the cookies were baking, I cut up the potatoes, the green beans, the asparagus, and the corn. I washed the chicken legs, and got the pot roast out I had marinated in sesame and ginger (mmmmm). Jason fired up the grill. Not being traditional people by any standard, grilling our thanksgiving dinner seemed like the thing to do and not having Ham or Turkey also seemed like the thing to do. We debated for weeks what we would have, but we settled on the pot roast I already had in the freezer and I had thawed chicken legs out the night before, so we threw them on the grill as well. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my grill.

While I made lunch, India decided she wanted to learn to climb with ropes. Thankfully, Jason has some experience with climbing trees, so he gave her some climbing lessons. They started out just climbing up the back side of the porch. Here they are getting started. India has the harness around her waist and you can see how happy she is.

Here she is making it up. It is hard work to get up even a few feet using a rope and pulling yourself. You have to be pretty strong.
Kalib didn't get interested in doing it until he had finished watching the clone wars.

Here's our dinner finished. It was yummy.

After dinner, we all snuggled up in my bed and watched the movie Leatherheads and worked on more crafts for the craft market. It was a fantastic day.

For our families specifically, we missed all of you and love you all. Thank you all for being understanding of our need to celebrate Thanksgiving at home.

We hope everyone had a great day and all still have full tummies!
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