Friday, November 14, 2008

why they like each other

Last night before bed, the kids were nit picking one another and I was feeling really fed up with it. I have no siblings, so I have no experience with it and it makes me very impatient with them because I just don't understand why they do it. WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? It's my motto, but I certainly don't always walk by it as well as I would like to, though I have been trying harder to not fall into feeling bad about something someone else does and trying to be more proactive in my own thoughts... So, using this mentality towards the kids, I sent them to their room (well their beds - which India sleeps in Kalibs room, I just wanted them to start getting settled down because this has been a VERY long week). I told them I was upset with their fighting and that when I wasn't angry anymore I would come read to them (it's our every night ritual). When I went in there, they were both anticipating this long lecture of why they should get along and how their fighting drives me crazy, ect.. ect... and instead I told them how it hurts my feelings to listen to them say mean things to one another and tomorrow I wanted each of them to write down 10 reasons why they like each other - more to help them remember how much fun they actually have together... They started talking about it out loud, but we ask them to keep it to themselves and wait until tomorrow, but they couldn't put anything silly down and they had to be sincere about whatever they chose as their 10 things. Today, it was obvious they were thinking about it because they were getting along great! When I finally set them down to do it I ask them to work independently of each other so they wouldn't influence what the other was writing. (I don't think they thought I would actually make them do it, but I kept reminding them it was coming) Their lists came out so wonderful I wanted to share them:
10 things India likes about Kalib:
1. He helps me with stuff
2. He plays with me
3. He likes to dance and sing with me
4. He is over the top witty
5. He teaches me
6. He shares
7. He let's me sleep in his room
8. He is nice
9. He always makes me laugh
10. He is special
10 things Kalib likes about India
1. She Skateboards
2. She is fun
3. She is weird
4. She plays with me
5. She helps me
6. She teaches me
7. She draws with me
8. We have a good time
9. She has an imagination
10. She reads to me


  1. Oh my gosh I got tears in my eyes while reading those lists. What a great way of handling their bickering.

  2. That is really wonderful. I'd love to hear what my girls would write about each other as well- maybe we will do this too.

  3. I am totally going to make my kids do that! And then I think we will post them up somewhere....

    Why on earth is it so easy to get mired in what annoys us about others, which is usually microscopic in comparison to what we like and love about them?

    Proactive- yes, ineedy---I gotta get me more of that!