Friday, January 30, 2009

worms eat my garbage

A very long time ago we heard the term VERMICULTURE and we fell in love... It is raising worms. We bought the book Worms Eat My Garbage and since we have been dreaming of starting worm composting in our home. What a great homeschooling experiment of raising worms. So, we have finally taken that plunge and we now have worms in our kitchen - on purpose! We built the bin out of a 10 gallon rubbermaid container. Jason cut holes in the sides for ventilation, but he put screens over the holes so that flies can't get in and the worms (in theory) can't get out. We've already had a few escapees, but we figure we just haven't created the perfect environment for our little red wigglers yet and that it will take time for us to get it right. It was the same with the compost outside. It took a while for us to learn how to keep it making compost and stay hot and when to add what and so forth, so the worm bin will be a whole new experiment to get right. As we venture into this and in the spring we are getting chickens (hoping to start on a chicken coop in the next couple of weeks) almost all of our food waste will either be fed to worms, chickens, or dogs and hopefully we will produce even less waste in the trash can than we already do. Well, anyhow, here are some pictures of Jason and I putting the stuff into the bin to kick off feeding the worms! (the kids weren't here, but they were plenty excited when they got home to check out the worms) Wish us luck and offer any advice you might have on raising worms and worm composting for those of you who are experienced in vermiculture. For those of you who are totally grossed out, sorry...
The Bin

adding the shredded paper

getting the paper wet

adding the worms

watching them wiggle down

Lastly, the food scraps... we buried the food and put on the lid and the worms are good to eat our garbage!

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  1. Such an interesting job that would so not be for but, but cool nonetheless!