Tuesday, February 3, 2009

we started tilling

And it sucked. No, seriously, I don't so much mind it, but our space is pretty big and there's a lot of grass, so we spent most of the day working on 3 beds and Jason tilled around the tree stumps. Who knows what's going to get planted there. We decided we would hold out for plowing a little longer rather than trying to till it all up ourselves.

Bed #1

Bed #2 (an hour later)

This woman is not afraid to get in behind a tiller. I kind of like pushing it. Makes me feel like all the working out I do is worth it. Makes me feel strong (and be sure to check out my very swank orange boots)

Last of the tilling for the day. 3 beds and 10 more to go if we measured correctly. While standing in the dirt, we realized just how much food we will actually be growing and we hadn't started enough seeds, so Jason started more last night!
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