Sunday, February 8, 2009

we've been plowed and tilled

On Saturday, Jason's grandfather came over and plowed our garden spot saving us a tremendous amount of work. After he plowed it, he went home and got his tractor with the tiller and then tilled it for us too. What a great gift! We spent the day reveling in our fresh dirt and happy that it is actually topsoil and not clay. And India and Kalib spent the day running around barefoot rolling in the dirt. What a perfect day. There are few things in this world more rewarding to me than a day ended where both kids are just filthy. So here, are some pictures of our day...
moments before the plow hit the dirt.

very first pass

notice how deep they are (we could not have dug this deep without Gobby.)

almost done plowing...

now onto tilling...

Good soil! YEAH!!!!

All done for the day!

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  1. That is so awesome!! All that beautiful dirt. What a perfect weekend for this too- it was like springtime out there!