Monday, July 27, 2009

the movie premier

Talk about a fun night! Daisy and Beatrice made 2 movies, one called What's it all mean? And one called What happened Before as part of a contest at the library. A few weeks ago the library had a FREE film making workshop for the teens and at the end of it, they were challenged to make a movie that would be shown at a film festival the library would host. So, the girls came up with a great idea and ask Jason if he would be in it. Of course, he said yes. The Brays and the Cooks came over one night and shot some of the movie here in the woods and in the house and then headed over to the skate park where they shot some of the footage. They shot some of the movie at the Brays house. Then they connected the pieces and made 2 really great movies! They ended up bringing home 5 awards for both movies. I'm so very proud of them! We all got dressed up for the big event and here are the photos from the night. The movies are available for watching on youtube. Be sure to watch What's it all mean first, though there is no sound on it because of copyright laws and the music, but the other movie has sound.







  1. for some reason the pictures get a little cut off, so I'm sorry daisy. I need to ask your mom about that.

  2. Ugh! I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to mess with getting that sound issue fixed. Maybe I will just suggest that they change the one song that seems to be causing the problem, so folks can see their films properly.

    Thanks again to Jason for being such a good sport! (Has the hair grown back on your wrists from the duct tape being ripped off yet??)