Tuesday, September 22, 2009

egyptian crowns

What does our typical day of homeschooling look like? Well, it depends on the day or the night. Typically, the kids do some English and math work along with reading almost every day... there is the occasional day that we let that slide for taking it easy or researching stuff on the computer or going out and learning out in the world... There is much to be learned everywhere, not just at our table doing lessons and so far, the best thing about masters academy is all the interest in history and learning the kids are taking from it and the "homework" they have they actually look forward to doing and they are learning so much. Last week, the homework involved making a replica (as best they could) of the crown that King Narmer wore. So, they settled into work with their dad and here is what they came up with...

hard at work



Walking like an egyptian

all finished!

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