Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Here are the pics from Halloween along with the promised pumpkin photos...

The one of the left is India's the other Kalib's.

I stole this one from my friends Flickr, so it's really small... India was an alien, Kalib was Glimly from Lord of the Rings, I was a Renaissance Maiden, and Jason was an Agent of Chaos Monkey...

Again, stolen from Jennifers Flickr, but this was the highlight of the night watching Jason and Andrew. He absolutely loved Jason's mask and Jason is such a ham that he went right along with it.

Here are videos of the two of them:

In this one Captain Jack is teaching Monkey Boy (what Andrew called Jason) how to pick his nose: (it's really dark, but we had have done anything to change it Andrew might have lost interest)

In this one he reaches down Jason's shirt at the very end... be sure to pay attention! It is hilarious!

Last, but not least the three alien girls! They looked awesome!

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