Tuesday, November 23, 2010

india's new blog

A few months ago, you will remember Jason and I purchased a new camera. We sold our older camera to India. There wasn't anything wrong with the older camera. I was just wanting something that fit into my purse a little easier and a little lighter. Turns out the new camera really isn't any lighter than my old Lumix, but it has been a great investment and it is much smaller than the Lumix. I do love taking pictures of my kids with my camera and they are inspiring me to take more pictures of other things too. Since we sold India the old camera she has been crazy with the picture taking. She's got Kalib taking pictures too, but he's not as into as she is. I love it. I need to burn some discs to get old pictures off our hard drive to make room for all the pictures they have taken. Just in the past few months her eye for shots has gotten better, she's looking for composition and not just shooting and she has learned what a lot of the features on her camera do and what a lot of features on my camera do as well. I am finding myself having to ask her more and more what I should do to get my camera to do something. You will also remember a while back she won a contest at the library and she's been trying to enter others, but we haven't found too many that she can enter yet. So, she's started a blog to share some of her favorite pictures that she's taken. It's call Me My Pics and I. I like the name. I like the idea. I like her feeling so great about what she's doing and now she's thinking photo journalist which marries two of her favorite things in this world to do. Write about stuff and take pictures. We are really proud of her. (Not that we have the expectation of her doing that, but I like her thinking ahead.) We were trying to get her to let our friend Chad, whose a professional photographer, show her around and give her some lessons, but like her mama she wants to do it on her own and learn on her own. We have to respect that. She's come a long ways in a short time and her editing skills are superb. This particular picture here is one of my favorites that she has taken and I stole it from her files. So, check into her new blog and leave her comments. Let her know you are looking at her pictures so she'll keep taking them, please. Give her feedback and when she will let me, I'll share some here as well...

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