Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Just about as long as I've been quilting I've wanted to try my hand at making mosaics. It's a very similar design process in my mind and one day, when Jason and I get to build a house, I want to be able to do some fancy tile work myself. They aren't exactly the same process, but close enough. I have dreams of this spa like bathroom with a huge bath tub and shower all open and in this bathroom, I dream of really beautiful tile work similar to what they have created in the Jeju Spa. I'm always thinking ahead and I know that we will figure it out and do it. When we finally get to build a house, I have no doubt that it will be stellar - even if it takes us years to put up all the walls. The idea of doing most of the work ourselves really excites me so everything I learn I think about how we are going to use it in our nest... Anyhow, I digress (imagine that?!)

I've really been wanting to mosaic and with the wine bottle project happening and the inspiration in the yard, now feels like the time to take on the endeavor. I am intentionally not planning my life out to the minute right now and I'm really enjoying the freedom that not being over scheduled is giving me. It opened up Saturday to do a little tile shopping with Kalib (we also hit the new Trader Joes for a few things while we were at Lowe's - we couldn't get that close and not run in there for like the 10th time) - then on Sunday, we went to the flea market where we picked up some mirrors and a few other little odd and end things and then... we set to work.

Truth is, they aren't all that yet and Kalib's turned out the best so far. I started too big and Jason's got rained on. Mine isn't finished yet and I still have quite a bit of work before we get to the grouting stage, but I thought I would share the process with you none the less as it is exciting to me and by sharing I have to finish. Not that I don't want to, I did enjoy it, but it's actually a lot harder than I thought and we worked on the ground outside and I think next time I will choose a harder surface and try to cut more of my tiles before I put glue down. (This part wore my hands out using the nippers and hammer - not to mention all the little glass shards I got in my hands - I should also wear gloves) We also couldn't find all that much in the way of color without spending a ton of money, so we are now in the process of collecting things we can break to get colors and somewhere along the way we'll go to a flooring store and maybe find some goodies there. There are all kinds of tiles available on line, but I'd like to obtain as much as possible as local as possible. I did find a great yellow ash tray at the flea market to buy, but India talked me out of it because it was circa 1970's and was pretty - for an ash tray. I didn't buy it because I wouldn't have ever broken it. She was right. She hasn't made a mosaic yet because she went to her friend, Casey's, house on Sunday, but the next time we get it out she wants to try... if it's sunny this weekend we may give it a second go. The plan is to leave mine outside in the garden. I want to make yard art for now! AND KEEP THOSE WINE BOTTLES COMING!!! I need to get a good many more before I post more pictures of that project.

Ok, so here are the photos SO FAR.

Kalib's - his is really going to look great when we get it grouted and he broke everything himself.

mine - I think it will look much better once it has been grouted because the pieces will stand out more (maybe I'm making excuses because my first one didn't turn out as good as I had hoped)

Jason's - the kids are pretty upset with him about this one - this is an old well pump they painted with Grace a long time ago and it has been a staple of the yard and he changed it and they are very upset about it. I think it's going to look really cool, so maybe they should just help him.


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