Monday, May 23, 2011

Idle is not in my vocabulary

I am supposed to be getting ready to go to the beach.  I'm taking the kids with my friend Holly for a week to the beach this upcoming Saturday, but I can't see past getting started on my next quilt.

With a show coming up in August, I want to have some new work to hang and since quilts take such a long time for me to make I have to stay busy - not to mention I love it.

As I was finishing up YabYum I was already deep into the process of dreaming up what the next quilt was going to be and as soon as I had the spare time I got right to work - but not without a quick trip to my local quilting shop, Dragonfly, for a little fabric first.  

Being idle makes me a little crazy.  I can't stand not having something to work on.

I am a project oriented person.  I like to always have some project I am working on and a project to dream on.  I typically work from start to finish without starting a new project in between - except when I have to and even then I tend to work a little slowly because my energy is too spread out. 

Friday, just like I had planned, I starched my next big piece of muslin and worked out the approximate size of this next piece and gathered all the fabric in the closet I could find that read as black and got started.  

I have decided to stick with weaving at least for this next project.  I haven't started developing the next idea fully so I don't know how long this part of the process will stay the same.

I worked on it off and on all weekend, but not without taking a break and going to the river with some of my favorite women and spending time in the sunshine and water.  MMMMM....

Right now, I have finished about half of the background.  I will be working on it some this week, but getting prepared to be gone for a week is my priority now.

Must. Focus. On. Something. Else.

I'm thinking of calling this one "Momentary Grace" but I'm not committed to that yet.  We'll see.  It will evolve like everything else as the lessons of Grace begin to pour in.  

I'm off to the ironing board as I've used up all my first round of strips and to make my lists of what to carry to the beach.

See you tomorrow!

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