Tuesday, August 9, 2011

India's Tuesday Photo 8/9/11

Today is a big day in our house!  India has officially started "school." She's going to Master's Academic Partners one day a week - an accredited tutoring school for homeschool students!  We are excited and nervous at the same time!  She's in the seventh grade and made the choice herself to transition to a more formal approach to her education than we have taken in the past!  GO INDIA!  I love that she cares so much about her education that she spoke up and let us know what her needs are AND that we were able to decide what the best plan of action for us was!  I will let you know as the weeks go by what it is like and how she likes it.  It meets one day a week and then the rest of the week she works on her assignments.

In the mean time, it is Tuesday and it's India's turn to share a photo on the blog.  Her photos look great at floorspace, so if you get a chance go by and check them out and let her know you did!

To see more of India's photography you can visit her facebook fan page!

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