Sunday, November 2, 2008

bags and more bags

Last week, we were inspired to make our own Halloween bags. At ACE this week they are going to paint canvas bags, so I bought bags for that, but then I started thinking about what India and Kalib were going to use for their trick or treat bags and decided that we would make our own bags this year and the kids could pick out what they wanted to make. We found some Halloween coloring pages on line and printed them off, then we traced them onto an adhesive paper (it's called heat and bond) for quilting and applique. While I cut the pieces out the kids went into my very large fabric stash and picked out their fabrics to iron the paper onto. Then the real work began. We ironed each piece to the fabric they picked out and then cut those pieces out. Next, we pulled the paper off the back of the adhesive so they could then be ironed down onto the background. Next, they figured out themselves how to put the pieces together to make them look like their original drawing and then we ironed it all down. (I ended up sewing around most of the pieces because the iron was too hot and it ended up melting a lot of the adhesive - totally my fault.) The bags turned out really cool and I can't wait for us try it again for something else...

Here's India's bag... hers had a lot more pieces than Kalib's. I really liked out it turned out - especially the sunglasses.

Here's Kalibs. He had to draw in the lines for the mummy. I think he did a pretty good job.


  1. These turned out really great! I only got a chance to see Kalib's up close (it is still at our house!) but India's looks great too. Fun!