Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween is my favorite holiday. There are NO gifts involved and we spend a lot of time together just having a lot of fun which is what holidays are supposed to be like. We all spend the whole year planning out what we are going to dress up as and trying to top last years costumes. (Well, the kids do anyways. This is the first year in many that I actually dressed up too.) Our good friends the Brays had a Halloween party, so that always adds to the fun when we celebrate with friends. Check out their blog in the coming days and I feel sure there will be lots of pictures coming from there.

This year India decided to be Sherlock Holmes. Our good friend Brent gave us the hat which is what started the costume, then I inherited the vest from who knows where and before I knew it the whole costume came together. We were in the drug store and I saw the pipe, so I picked it up for her and at the 11th hour Meme came through with a cape. India had her whole costume together, but it was just lacking something to make it obvious what it was, so we started on a search and I ended up asking MeMe to make her a cape and as you can see, there's no doubt as to who she is. India loves the Sherlock Holmes stories. We have them on audio and they are one of her favorites to listen to.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice... Kalib had a little harder time deciding what to be. He toyed around with a few different things before finally landing on Beetlejuice. They went to the Halloween store right after it opened and came across the wig, then we were going to try to find him a suit and paint stripes on it, but it turned out, I had black and white fabric in my closet and we called on MeMe once again, to ask her to help us out. (I know I could make them, but I HATE sewing clothes.) So, she took the fabric and tada! The perfect Bettlejuice costume began to evolve... I went to the Goodwill and picked him up some dress pants and a button up shirt and Jason did the magic with face. I wish I had a video of him doing his Beetlejuice impression because it is hilarious! He has watched that movie so many times!

Here we are at Jennifer and Jason's. Jennifer was smart and got everyone right as they came in with costumes still intact to get pictures. I dressed up as a tasteful Betty Page. (I lost the heels before we went trick or treating) Jason was a day of the dead clown? I'm not sure what they are called. I had forgotten how much fun it is to dress up! I even broke out the hot curlers and did my hair and cut my bangs a little shorter than I normally wear them.

We had a blast at the party. The kids went trick or treating. There around 20 all total running around from door to door in the dark. Talk about nerve racking for the parents. Then we went back to Jennifer and Jason's for a spooktacular night of fun. They had set their basement up as a mild haunted house with dry ice and music and spiderwebs, so we didn't see much of them and the adults had a good time just hanging out. We didn't get home until after midnight and to say Kalib was worn out was an understatement - and I was too. India stayed over with Hazel - she wasn't ready to stop partying!

Last, but not least my favorite picture of the night...I just couldn't not include it!

Happy Halloween until next year!
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