Friday, February 20, 2009

more worms

We decided we didn't have enough worms in our bin to eat the amount of waste we have, so we ordered another 1000. We'll see where that gets us. We may still need more since most of our food waste can now go in here...

Here's the bucket moments before we started adding more worms. It has all kinds of funky mushrooms growing in there. As it's a learning experience for us, we are assuming that they are ok since they help in the breakdown process... The mix is really hot and the worms that were already in there seem to have multiplied and gotten fatter in the last couple weeks...

Since India missed out on putting the first worms in, she was ready to put the second batch of worms in. We ordered these from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm after doing some research on the web, I discovered that even with shipping it was cheaper to order them than to go buy them locally. They are supposed to multiply really fast, so assuming that we've got things right, we won't have to buy more and we'll be over run with worms.

What does one do with too many worms? Put them outside and share them with friends who also want to make black gold in their kitchens...

mmmm worms... eat my garbage.

India helping them get settled into the compost...
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  1. Hey Sarah
    We'd love to take a few off of your hands....if you'd like to share!