Wednesday, August 5, 2009

chicky chickies

All right, after the mass slaughter of all our girls, we decided to show those critters (racoons) we mean business and that we ARE going to have chickens! We shall not be overcome by the wildlife. We CAN live in harmony with it - we just needed a big lesson in the reality of sharing life with wild critters and that even though we repsect them, it doesn't mean they respect us. (Not that humanity has given them a lot of reason to respect us.) We ordered more chicks. They came last Thursday July 30. They were teeny tiny. Obviously very freshly hatched and put in the box to come to Georgia. We couldn't believe how much smaller they were than the first batch. We ordered 13 and Darrin and Sarah Cook got 12 more for themselves. We now have 4 Americanas (they will hopefully lay colored eggs) 3 Black Austrolorps, 2 Black Star, 1 Rhode Island Red, and 3 Black Minorca's. We were a little disappointed because we missed out on getting more of the silver laced Wynendottes (my favorite) and I wish I had have ordered a few more Rhode Island Red's, but I'm sure this is NOT going to be the last time we have to purchase chicks, though if we decide to get a rooster we might not ever have to purchase chicks again. Who knows! We have been thinking a lot about getting a rooster because they help to protect the flock, but they are noisy and they can be hard to deal with, so we are still weighing the option there. Roosters seem pretty easy to come by in the Market Bulletin.

Just like the first time we are smitten with the new girls, though I must admit I do miss the first round. We really got to know them and love them, and I'm sure we will feel the same about these, but I feel us all not getting as involved with them - maybe on some deeper level we don't want to get so attached in case critters get these too. We are slowly naming them as we get to know them rather than trying to figure out who is who each time we look in the box. The more we love and handle them, the more we start to notice the subtle differences between them and which ones like us and which ones would just rather us leave them alone. Their peeping certainly feels the house and is a welcome sound, but as soon as they get a few more feathers they will be heading out to the back porch to start getting ready for the yard!

Here are some pictures of our newest babies!
This one is an Americana or Auracana (whichever you prefer)- she doesn't have a name yet.


This is the only yellow one, though she is also an americana... her name is rascal and she is well named! She is quite the little rascal.

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