Thursday, August 6, 2009

just pump it

We went to pump it up on Sunday to celebrate Aarons birthday. What fun that place is. Unfortunately, I have a hurt ankle from twisting it on a pine cone and couldn't get in there like I usually do, but Jason and the kids certainly had a good time. They were all sweaty and smelly when we came home, then we finished the night out with a second round of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Two times to the real movies in less than a week to see the same movie! Crazy! We do love some Harry Potter around here! Anyways, here are some pics from pump it up!

The slide that everyone loves (including little Luca). We all went down it and I took a ton of pictures of it because it is so fun, but they all came out blurry.

Get ready set race!
Jason looks like he has no arms, but he's actually got these gigantic gloves on inside this screen where wrestling and rough housing is an accepted part of the pump it up schedule! Of course, the boys love it and the girls hate it!
Cake time!
The party crew! What a great bunch of kids!

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