Sunday, May 30, 2010

six flags

On Wednesday we went to Six Flags with many of our homeschool friends! It was a blast and I got to go. Lately, many of the trips the kids have gone on I haven't been able to go along because I have had to work or something came up at work that required my attention, but I GOT TO GO TO SIX FLAGS! It was so much fun! I loved watching the kids have an incredible time and I had a great time too hanging out with some of my dearest friends! There was hardly anyone there and we didn't have to wait in lines at all. A lot of the rides, the kids could just keep on riding over and over. It was awesome! We rode a lot of rides, the kids loved the Gotham City Crime Wave and I think they rode it like 10 times. These are the swings. They rode the log ride a good many times, the Dahlonega Mine Train twice which India loved and Kalib didn't. We went on Splash Water Falls and got soaked. We rode Thunder River (which was Kalib's favorite ride) and got super soaked. Sarah Cook and I nearly drowned in the water fall when we got stuck. We were soaking wet the whole way home. The mama's loved the roller coaster's (all the mama's but me). I did ride the Mind Bender, but it reminded me exactly why I dislike roller coasters. I'm just too small and they throw me around and I just can live without that thrill, but I am glad other people like them and I can always be happy to stay with the kids while my friends ride them! The day was fantastic! Ask them about it next time you see them, their faces just light up! The kids had more fun than I have seen them have in ages and mom had a lot of fun too. Jason didn't go this time, but hopefully if we go back anytime soon or when we get around to White Water he'll go with us. That's more his speed anyhow. Next big thing on agenda... we are going to the beach! Can't wait!

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