Wednesday, October 20, 2010

another update on me...

So, I'm not doing so hot. I went back to the doctor on Monday and evidentially I developed an infection in the incision on the inside. It hurts something fierce and the pain will subside for a while and fool me into thinking I'm turning around then by morning, I'm back to running a fever and hurting. Now, I openly admit to having a hard time not over doing it, but seriously, I am trying. We are having food brought in thanks to our amazing friends so I'm not having to cook. Rachel, Jennifer, and Shannon came over to clean and the whole time they were here I stayed planted on the futon - even though it was really hard. Today, I'm still running a fever and I'm still hurting, but I have decided to give the antibiotics one more day to do their job and if I still am not truly on the mend tomorrow, I will call the doctors office. I spent some time reading on the internet yesterday and all this isn't all that uncommon with a vaginal hysterectomy (children who read my blog, I'm sorry for going there), but you know me, I like the most in shape person I know and one of the healthiest people I know so I thought I would be on the other side of the pain by now and getting back to some normal stuff - like being able to leave the house or having the energy to do so, but alas, here I am on Wednesday, still struggling to shake the pain and trying to not let it get me down. I AM NOT GOOD AT LAYING AROUND. I have far too much energy for it - my brain works too fast and I have so many things I would love to do while I am off work.

On a somewhat different note, I would love to give BIG BIG BIG props to my kids who are nothing short of AWESOME! They have been totally willing to do everything I ask of them without attitude and sometimes they do even more than they have to. India did almost all the laundry on her own yesterday starting with separating the clothes. I in NO WAY had the expectation of her doing that. She didn't fold them, she left them for Jason, who didn't want to do it last night, but promises he will tonight. Kalib has been willing to load the dishwasher with the dishes that are sitting around and I couldn't ask for more. I feel like I am so lucky. In spite of all the struggle right now, the kids are showing their true colors and I could not be more proud. They are awesome humans and Jason and I are so grateful for them not just because they have been so awesome during all this but because they are just so awesome.

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  1. I have the same problem; I always want to do something and don't know how to sit still. In the end, I usually set up some sort of craft nearby and sit in front of the TV for hours, while keeping my hands busy doing something.
    And yes, your family is AWESOME.