Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A little Backing Fabric

Oh yes, you heard me right.  

I bought just a little fabric - Enough to finish Yab Yum.

I am setting some time aside on Friday to get Yab Yum layered.  That means I have to get those last few beads sewn down between tonight and tomorrow to make that happen.

I actually had the goal to have it finished last week, but this Spring in GA is keeping me outside - and I am perfectly ok with that.  It's too beautiful and cool to stay inside(it's never this cool in GA in May)!  Watching Earth's beauty unfold in Spring sings a sweet sweet song to my heart, so outside I will be until the heat sets in and I have to come in to cool off.

I went on Friday, with some GREAT news in my pocket to our local quilt shop and bought the backing fabric.  (I will be sharing my BIG news in a few days I hope!)

Naturally, it's Wednesday (almost a week later) and I still haven't gotten around to washing it, but it is on my agenda this morning.

I probably won't manage to get it quilted and done this weekend, but any headway is good headway.  My plan right now is to get it done and photographed so I can enter the International Quilt Festival for the first time ever.  No expectations one way or the other for getting in (it's a Juried quit show in Houston for those of you who may not know - it's HUGE). I'm going to at least TRY this year.

I was thinking last night how this is so typical of me.  I get almost there and then my steam runs out and my focus turns to something else, but it's all a part of the process of me staying inspired... staying connected.

I'm off to throw my new fabric in the wash so I will actually be ready to use it on Friday! 

Until tomorrow!

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