Friday, May 6, 2011

Observation Medication - It's Good for the Soul

I have decided to officially dedicate Fridays to my observations of the world around me and my beautiful pre-teen came up with the new official title of my Friday posts!

Observation Medication - It's Good For the Soul

Last week I told you all I had challenged myself to noticing one new thing about the natural world a day.   It has been enlightening to me how much more connected I feel to life while making an effort to really pay attention.

Here's some of what I observed THIS week.

The Oak Leaf Hydrangea is about to bloom - Hydrangeas are my favorite blooming shrubs.  When I was a little girl I had a blue one right outside my bedroom window under the cherry tree.  When it was blooming was when I most enjoyed sitting by my bedroom window so that I could see the blooms.  I even remember moving my bed one time closer to the window so I didn't have to work so hard to look out it.  (Can you imagine how small I was as a child being that I'm only 4'11" now?)

The heuchera patch has doubled over the last two years and they have put out their dainty little flowers, but the leaves of this plant are what it's all about.  The diversity they add to the garden.  YUMMY!

These sweet little flowers are some you will typically only find in a plant nerds garden.  Or maybe they have become more popular now that gardening has a foothold once again in people's lives, but when I was in school, these sweet little gems were hard to find.  They are Hepatica.  The blooms only last a few days, but they are so precious.

India's roses are in full bloom and have been saved from the inch worms thanks to some safer soap and diligence of pulling them off as well as the June Beetles that feast upon them at night.  Most evenings as dark settles in, you can find our pre-teen outside on the phone chatting it up and pulling bugs off her roses.  She never fails to amaze me at her dedication to her roses.  She keeps them blooming all summer by pulling the dead flowers off and keeping the bugs off.

The coreopsis by the fire pit is just days away from bursting open with their bright yellow flowers!

And lastly, my sinuses are fully aware that the honeysuckle has started blooming.  When the honey suckle is in bloom is the only time in spring other than when the pine drops its dust of fine pollen that my allergies kick in.  I'm not allergic to the pine like I am the honeysuckle it just fills my nostrils and I can taste it in my mouth, but the honeysuckle even as sweet as it is makes me sneeze and cough like crazy.  Thankfully, they only last a few weeks and it doesn't make me miserable, but we have to keep the windows shut while they bloom. :(

Until next time!  

I'm off to do laundry, squeeze in sewing down the LAST of the beads, work, and then if time permits, the fabric shop to pick up some backing fabric since I didn't manage to get there yesterday!

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  1. I LOVE this title! That India is one clever girl!